Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Hey guys! As some of you know, there are floods around some parts of England. Thank God the east Midlands isn't flooded... But to be on a safe side,  I have prepared myself by doing some food shopping, to keep my house loaded...just in case things go south... 
Anyway here is my current shoot, I really love these palazzo pants, they are so comfortable.. but I am so short I had to fold them at the bottom LOL.
 I grew up in Africa and I remember the palazzo trend from when I was young.. they remind me of a musician called Pepe kale, he used to rock them all the time as they are unisex.. OMG I just found one of his songs >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nyk7uQUaiVc <<  Every wedding I went to... they played this song, it brings back so many memories.. I'm getting emosh. Man!! I really miss the mother land nowww.

MY MESSAGE OF THE DAY: It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. People are always judging each other and the truth is, they're not very good at it. Don't put a lot of concern into what people think of you. You weren't created to please and entertain everyone. You were created to be you, so feel good about yourself.

What I wore
Top- Asos
Pants- Asos
Bag- R.I.

Thank you for passing by xoxo

Monday, 10 February 2014


Hey guy's! It has been a minute.. so much has been going on, my apologies for being MIA.. Anyway happy New Year!! Hopefully 2014 is treating you well thus far... Speaking of the new year.. each year I make  new years resolutions, one of them being weight loss LOL.. I laugh because I have set foot in a gym, three times in all my life.. but this year I decided not to make any new years resolutions.. I decided to look at  the word HISTORY. As we now call 2013 history..  The word can be looked at as His-story, meaning God's story in my life. Self reflection one may call it. This is something personal I decided to share with you guys... Please feel to share with me your resolutions.


I had so much fun during the shoot. Please check out Carbon Click on Facebook or inbox me to work with him.
Thank you for passing by

What I wore
Skirt- Boohoo.com
Top- New Look
Belt- New Look
Shoes- R.I.
Purse- R.I.